Search Engine Optimzation

Search Engine OptimizationGlossy and well-constructed website will get you only half-way on the road to online success. Your website must also perform well in search engines as a primary driver of online sales and customers. In other words, if your website does not appear in the right place in the right time, your Internet success can be at a high risk.Make your Business visible on Internet search engines (example: Google) with Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

SEO techniques are aimed at improving visibility on search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing and Yandex (Russian). Andava Digital Marketing Agency will work the best of its tools and experience to achieve high quality targeted traffic for your business online via secure SEO tactics.
All major search engines can be included in the process; however, if you have a special preference on one of them (for example, you have a language or geographical preference), the steps can be directed towards a specific engine.
If you are not sure whether your website needs SEO help or not, we will provide a free SEO analysis of your website. This will show you the weaknesses your website has and help you in your online marketing strategy development process.

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Why is SEO Important?

seo servicesToday, a major chunk of all purchases have an Internet component. Internet search is the tool number 1 and 83 percent of all searches never go past the first page of search results. It is more important than ever to identify your target audience online and implement a strategy to become one of the top Websites suggested by search engines for your key search terms.

Everybody wants to be on page 1 of Google and it’s a place that can’t be bought, there’s no other way (unless you do PPC) and no ‘support’. This makes SEO ultra competitive and complex, such that it can and it should make you think twice about investing in it. Andava’s transparent, business oriented and ROI driven SEO approach, will help your business cut through the mystery to make natural search a measurable, significant and profitable sales channel.

SEO Audit

seo auditWe provide SEO audit services if you are not sure where to start. After review you’ll get overview of possible achievements of your business if your website is optimized for search engines. During SEO audit we take a close look at your website,  looking deep to find any possible issues – big or small – that can in one or another way effect your search engine rankings. SEO audits look at, but are not limited to:

  • Technical issues – on page seo factors, structure and more
  • Possible content related problems, keywords and more
  • Backlinks analysis – bad links, link preservation
  • and much more

Technical SEO

technical seoThis is where all the SEO begins. There’s no point in anything else until your site is technically ready and inline with the rules.
We will ensure that your site will be crawled and read in the most optimal way possible – for both search engines and real visitors.

At Andava we are the technical SEO experts. When it comes to site architecture, keyword research, html and semantic markup, load speeds, silo structuring and more, let us know. When we’re finished with the technical aspects of your site you’ll be surprised how fast robots react to the language they understand.

Keyword Research and Content Optimization

keyword research and content optimizationNo “flooding”, no keyword stuffing. After full understanding of your business objectives, we conduct extensive research to identify which keywords are the most suitable for your online business. After mapping keywords and modifying your existing content or developing new content search engine will better understand what is your website about. We focus on KEY words and content that produce targeted traffic, which actually converts, and optimize your content for your main target demographics.

Inbound Marketing and Link Building

Inbound marketing and Link BuildingAfter getting your website in full working order, we can begin offsite optimization process. Reaching out to important influencers getting them to talk about your business, share your content and eventually resulting on many more linking to your website. Quality and Quantity of links generated, as one of the key ways of measuring your online marketing success, will have significant impact on your further activities.

Local Search Marketing

local seoLocal businesses have different opportunities and threats. On one hand, local companies can limit themselves and spend fewer resources. On the other hand, they face a challenge to address the information needs of a very specific target.

Local companies have no need to reach the whole world. It would simply exhaust their arsenal and fail to record positive outcome.

Your website traffic will be more local-oriented, all local search engines and a number of other opportunities will be taken into consideration.

Content Marketing

content marketingFresh, interactive and engaging content is now one of the most important factors for a business websites today. Second most important step is sharing and outreach. We will help you increase the reach of your content via relevant channels/communities where your existing and potential customers are. The strong coordination between our SEO, Social media and Content teams will help address customer interests, needs and wants and deliver the engagement needed.

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